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Moving is a stressful process, whether it’s across the street or across the country, your first or your hundredth time. With more than 70 branches nationally, Muscle Men Movers is proud to be Summit Park, UT’s leading long distance movers. Your dedicated long-distance moving consultant will work closely with you, helping you at every step of the process to provide a seamless interstate move. We can tailor our removal services to best suit your needs, including car removals, pet transport and storage options, all within your budget.

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In addition, we also offer convenient valet services, so you can focus on the more enjoyable aspects of moving, like getting to know your new environment and finding your new favourite cafe. Should your move include temporary accommodation while you wait for your new home to be ready for you, Muscle Men Movers can provide an essential items delivery service. Rather than make do with what you can fit in your suitcase, we’ll arrange the delivery of essential items directly to your temporary residence while your main shipment remains in storage until your permanent residence is ready.

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Using specifically designed and quality packing materials tested packing methods and fully trained moving professionals, Muscle Men Movers ensures the safety of your belongings. Your team of removalists will wrap and package your items to prevent movement and risk of damage during transit. While we do have one of the lowest claim incident rates in the industry, we also offer transit and storage insurance for that extra peace of mind.

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In addition to our moving checklist, you’ll need to be aware of Summit Park, UT’s strict interstate quarantine regulations. Summit Park, UT’s domestic quarantine is designed to stop pests, diseases and weeds travelling across, and within, state borders. You won’t always realise you’re carrying these pests, as they can be carried with:
– Plants or plant products
– Animals or animal products
– Agricultural machinery and other equipment
– Recreational equipment
– Soil
If you’re not sure whether your items are safe to travel or not, it’s best to leave them behind, including all fruits, vegetables and plants.

We can help with everything to get you from one place to another, and we’ll start by putting you in touch with a trusted member of the Muscle Men Movers Removals team.

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When it comes to relocating the furry members of the family, we can provide your pets with a safe journey to their new home. From reliable transportation between your old home and your new, to assisting with domestic quarantine matters, we’ll ensure your pets receive the love and attention they deserve on their move. Travelling via car is sometimes the best option available to relocate instate. This means your pet gets to come along for the ride. However, it’s important to remember that cats and dogs have very different reactions to being on the road than we do. Before you buckle them in, read our top tips for travelling with pets in a car.

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With more than 10 years in the industry and branches nationwide, our range of moving services caters to any long-distance moving. Whether you’re moving via car or you’re going by plane, you can trust Muscle Men Movers to get your household goods to your new home when you arrive and you’re ready to move in. It’s time to start moving, so get your obligation-free online quote today.