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Snyderville Storage Movers

Storage Moving- Snyderville, UT
From one box to an entire house, we can store it with our Muscle Men Movers storage moving services. Whether you need to store a few items for a short time or an entire household for an undetermined amount of time, we have the clean, secure and even climate-controlled Muscle Men Movers storage space available! Don’t trust your belongings to the local mini storage – choose the professionals storage movers at Muscle Men Movers to watch over your items instead!

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S.I.T. or Storage in Transit refers to temporary storage of your items pending further transportation. This may be necessary when your new home isn’t ready to occupy and your items must be stored. You must specifically request this service and the time your goods are in storage cannot exceed 90 days for private transferees or as determined by your company’s corporate relocation contract with Muscle Men Movers which vary, however typically extends S.I.T. to 180 days.

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Additional charges apply, along with warehouse handling and final delivery charges. During this time any valuation plan that was purchased during the pickup will cover the shipment in the event of loss or damage. Permanent Storage refers to storage of your items for more than 90 days for private transferees and up to 180 for our corporate contract customers. After S.I.T. is up, and the shipment is still in storage, the shipment “converts” from S.I.T. to what is called “permanent storage.”

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What is the difference between SIT and permanent storage? Nothing physically; the goods remain in the same warehouse and nothing physically changes. What does change is who is liable for loss or damage to the goods. In addition, after your shipment converts to permanent storage, the default coverage is $0.60 per lb. per article unless an additional coverage was purchased. Two types of coverage are available.

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Not every moving company has ready access to storage solutions, as needed, by their clients. Muscle Men Movers now offers storage moving services which are secure, reliable, and affordable. We are pleased to be able to provide this valuable service to our clients because sometimes a residential or commercial move cannot be done all at once, and has to be done in two or more stages. For instance, a family or business may be combining multiple homes or offices, or even downsizing. These more complex moves may require short-term or long-term storage moving solutions.

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Storage solutions that redefine convenience. Our storage services provide you with ease and peace of mind because of their convenience, security and affordability. In addition to offering short and long-term storage deals, Muscle Men Movers & Storage can provide in transit and document storage solutions.

So, please don’t entrust your valuables to a storage moving company just because it is the cheapest service provider this week; it may not be there for you when it really matters the most. Please call and get a free quote today.