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From small apartment moves to full-service jobs in huge houses, Muscle Men Movers can accommodate any residential move with ease. No job is too big or too small for our experienced moving crews; just ask any of our many satisfied customers! Families in the Murray area have trusted Muscle Men Movers with their residential moving experiences for over a decade; their reviews have made Muscle Men Movers one of the top-rated companies in Murray area. Looking for a mover for your residential move? Get a quick quote today from Muscle Men Movers!

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Once our customers move with Muscle Men Movers, they get a sense of the way we handle our business, and they tell their friends and family. When they call back for their next move, or their friends and family call for their first move, they become part of the Muscle Men Movers family.
Our family grows every year thanks to our fair pricing methods that rival our closest competitors without sacrificing quality. Our highly experienced residential moving crews provide Muscle Men Movers customers with peace of mind when they display their know-how and tricks of the trade.

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Back at the Muscle Men Movers offices, our project managers are dedicated to helping all of our customers with every detail of their move, leaving no stone unturned. Whether our clients need to provide proof of liability insurance, have to add additional services, or are forced to reschedule altogether, our project managers are just a phone call away to help them resolve their issues.

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At Muscle Men Movers, we strive to provide complete transparency to our customers about residential moving rates. We want our customers to understand exactly what we will be charging them for on moving day (perhaps beyond as well), and why. Here are a few factors that go into your quote when moving with Muscle Men Movers.

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•What kind of quote you receive: our quotes are separated into “Written Binding Estimates” and “Hourly Rates”.
•The three main factors of a price quote are inventory, distance, and required services.
•Some other factors that can influence a quote are elevator accessibility, special care required, and flexibility on dates.
Muscle Men Movers offers the most customer-friendly storage options available in the moving industry. Our experienced team of residential moving professionals can assist with all storage steps, from coordinating, to packing, and itemizing your possessions.
Muscle Men Movers offers our storage clients door-to-door delivery of stored items, and personalized attention when visiting our facilities. We even offer an additional online inventory tracking service! With Muscle Men Movers storage, your items may be “out of sight”, but they will never be “out of mind” for us! Ask your sales representative about our storage promotions.

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Muscle Men Movers doesn’t just handle picking up and putting down our customers’ belongings. Anyone who needs their belongings to be packed, furniture to be assembled/disassembled, or any additional carpentry services can also reach out to Muscle Men Movers. We strive to be a one-stop shop for all our customers’ moving needs. Reach out to us to see if we can accommodate your additional needs for your residential move!
Muscle Men Movers knows that moving is a very stressful experience. One of the best ways to provide peace of mind is to buy insurance! Residential moving projects can vary dramatically in size, yet every move requires adequate insurance to guard against unforeseen circumstances.
Muscle Men Movers maintains over $ worth of General Liability insurance, and requisite Disability and Worker’s Compensation insurance coverage. Muscle Men Movers offers a variety of residential mover options for customers that cover different shipment valuations. Contact your Residential Mover Consultant for specific details and application procedures.