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Francis Furniture-Assembly Movers

If you are moving home, a professional furniture assembly service can take down and put up your beds, tables, wardrobes and more safely and quickly. Trust Muscle Men Movers to dismantle and reassemble your furniture when you need us to. Transporting large, bulky furniture items is tricky and takes up more space than is necessary. Many of today’s furniture items are in a flat-pack format. This means they can be easy disassembled and put back together. When dismantled, furniture is much easier to pack up and transport. Therefore we can complete your furniture-assembly move job more effectively.

Muscle Men Movers: Furniture Assembly Movers in Francis

Whether it’s a conference table, couch, coffee maker, or any item in between, our appliance and furniture assembly specialists can handle almost anything. If we run into a problem we can’t fix, such as electrical issues or plumbing problems, we’ll work with you to find the best service provider in Francis, UT who can!

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When you put your trust in professional assemblers, you can be sure that you won’t spend hours trying to understand the instructions. The technicians are familiar with the assembly methods of most furniture, after all, it’s their job. While it would take you, if you are inexperienced, more than a couple of hours for a medium complicated piece, it would take them under two hours to put together.

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With creative options, like a virtual move survey, we can help you prepare for your move without stepping foot in your current working space. Muscle Men Movers’s virtual move survey allows you to guide your Move Coordinator through an assessment of your office’s layout and belongings with just a smartphone or tablet.

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Dismantling your own furniture can be dangerous. You run the risk of injury and could also damage the items in the process. Unless you are extremely confident, you might prefer to leave the task to a trained professional. Muscle Men Movers has been working with furniture for years. We have the tools and the skills to complete the task safely and quickly.

Furniture dismantling can also help if you need to put an item in storage. Have our skilled specialists break the item down for you. We can even carry it up to the attic and store it away for you. So you don’t need to risk a fall getting up there yourself.

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If you have purchased new furniture in flat-pack form and need it assembling, call Muscle Men Movers. Instead of struggling with the instructions, panicking over lost components and experiencing despair at your malformed final result, why not let us take care of everything? We have worked with hundreds of clients across Inverness, setting up new furniture and ensuring everything is correctly installed. Instead of risking damage or worse, call our team and request a quote today. Watch the video showing how complex the furniture assembly service is.