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    Moving is never fun. From the packing to the heavy lifting, it’s a big project that’s tough to handle on your own. When you need to enlist the help of local movers, headquartered in Ogden, UT, Ogden–Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area, and surrounding areas, you’ll want to find an experienced and well-equipped company to handle your move. When searching for moving companies near you, look no further than Muscle Men Movers. Contact us today to learn more about our moving services.


    One of the most important things to consider when searching for moving companies in Ogden is experience. If you hire local movers that are inexperienced and unequipped to handle your move, it’ll just put even more work on you.

    When you rely on the local movers at Muscle Men Movers, you can count on us for:

    • Customer-focused service
    • Fast and efficient moving services
    • Competitive pricing

    We rely on 6 years of experience to move our clients. Choose one of the top moving companies in Ogden, Tooele County, Salt Lake County, Davis County UT and Surrounding Areas to handle your move. Call now to get a free estimate on our affordable moving services.



    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ REPUTATION

    Muscle Men Movers is comprised of a professional, tight-knit crew committed to fostering relationships and building trust with our clients. Our local movers can handle moves of all sizes within Ogden–Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area and beyond.

    We’ll do all heavy lifting for your residential or commercial move. Our #1 goal is to simplify your move by taking some of the weight off your shoulders, literally.

    You won’t break a sweat when you rely on Muscle Men Movers during your move… Contact us today to schedule moving services in Ogden, UT.

    We appreciate your interest and are confident we will deliver your best local moving experience. Muscle Men Movers thrives on the challenge of delivering your move error free, stress free, and making sure we leave every customer with a smile on their face at the end of the day. We are committed to the highest level of customer care, personal attention is guaranteed on every move. Local moving teams feature trained movers, professional moving trucks with ramps and lift gates, protection wrapping materials, packing supplies and latest moving equipment.


    Clear pricing. Professional furniture protection at no extra charge. No hidden fees!

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    Ogden–Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area Movers

    If you or your business are looking to have a stress-free and efficient move to or from the Ogden, Tooele County, Salt Lake County or Davis County area, Muscle Men Movers is the moving team you need. Whether you’re moving from an apartment, a condo, a home, an industrial park, or a commercial plaza, we’re ready to lend a hand with packing and hauling your goods.

    We specialize in multiple services; our specialty is local moves; whether a home owner or a business, we’ll bring the muscle behind your rearrangement and relocation with our moving service: we have labor, trucks, equipment, furniture delivery, pianos, offices, as long as you are local to our area, we are here to serve you.

    Our greatest asset is in our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers. We know that the details and logistics of moving can bring a lot of stress, and we are devoted to minimizing that for our clients. We strive for the utmost in quality in all aspects of our service—not just the actual pickup, hauling, and delivery. Because all of our employees are highly trained and chosen for their performance, we are able to provide the most efficient, professional, and courteous service in the Ogden–Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area area.

    Home Residential Movers

    Once you’ve decided to move out of your home, you face a daunting task: getting everything safely packed up and transported to your new home. Aside from the inevitable sorting-through what can stay and what should go and considering how your living room furniture will look like in its new surroundings, you must also pack up and then move all the things that you’ll need to its new space. We can’t say whether you should keep that second slow cooker, but we can help with the heavy work of packing and moving.

    Muscle Men Movers is your top choice for expertise when making a move. Anyone handling your items should be well-trained–and our team receives hours of training before embarking on their first job! That training allows you to relax in the knowledge that your cargo will be handled safely and respectfully. Additionally, our fleet of moving vans is always ready to go with packing materials, giving the utmost of protection to your furniture and other possessions during transit. (No matter if that means a ride of ten minutes or 2 hours) Last of all, we bring the specialty equipment needed to prevent scratches, dents, and dings on your new floors and walls.

    In short, our use of quality packing and transport materials, combined with the care and expertise we put into our service, mean that you can rest assured all your home goods will be ready for transport and arrive at your new home safely… and that you can take a breather and stop worrying about just how you’ll pull off your move!

    If you’re located in or near Ogden, Tooele County, Salt Lake County or Davis County, and looking to relocate, give us a call. You won’t regret it when you calmly look around your new home, fully moved in, with minimal effort on your part!

    Local Movers Nearby Ogden

    Muscle Men Movers is dedicated to serving the communities around Ogden including Tooele County, Salt Lake County and Davis County Utah (Ogden–Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area), and we will move you anywhere within our great state. We respect the men, women, and children who call our area home, so we do our best every day to make it simple for our neighbors to relocate to their dream dwellings. Don’t let the logistics of making your move in the area worry you. You don’t have to tackle it alone. We’re here to help, no matter your circumstances.

    There are many fine colleges and universities to attend in our area. If you’re a college student looking to move apartments in the city or your dorm on campus, we can help get you to your new with minimal hassle. (You can even look to us for assistance with packing services if you’re tired of wrapping up your mugs and knick-knacks.)

    Or perhaps college is a not-so-distant memory for you, and your new job as an executive has offered you the opportunity to finally buy your dream home. You can count on us to provide quick and courteous service while treating your possessions with care. You’ll be pleased to find that moving doesn’t have to be a hassle.

    Or maybe things have been going very well with your partner, and you’re finally ready to take the plunge into cohabitation. Their house is large and spacious, and they’re already cleared half of the closet for you and your clothing. You’re terrified, though, that your combined efforts won’t be enough to get your dresser up the stairs and into the bedroom…

    Or maybe you’ve found a charming house in the suburbs where you can finally start your family. It’d take quite a few trips in your SUV and your husband’s sedan, though, to deliver even a fraction of your things from your old apartment to your new home…

    For these, and any other scenario, we’re ready to help. You can count on our reputation for quality service and efficiency in local moving (and packing).

    Commercial Movers

    Relocating a business , whether near or far, can bring chaos and stress. As a business owner or operator, you need to keep your enterprise running smoothly, no matter if your office is relocating. Working with a team of professional, organized movers like those with Muscle Men Movers can allow you to spend less time focused on the nitty-gritty details of moving and more time simply running your business–and ensuring the quality of your service remains high, so that when you move, your clients are ready to follow with you.

    We are dedicated to making the moving process simple (and even pleasant!) for our commercial clients by providing our signature “White Glove” services–that is, doing everything we can to make the moving process easy and stress-free by rolling out the red carpet and providing the service an A-list celebrity would expect.

    Our white glove service capitalizes on open communication that keeps you informed on how your move is progressing and allows for you to freely contact us with any questions or concerns; professional and courteous service from our highly-trained and vetted staff (never outside contractors); efficient and safe packing that ensures items remain undamaged; on-time delivery that you can count on; and total honesty in pricing that lets you easily compare us to our competitors. (We think we know who will come out the clear winner for both value and quality.)

    Muscle Men Movers respects and values your hard work in our community. If you’re a commercial enterprise that is making a move, let us help you continue to thrive and to serve our neighbors.

    Moving Apartment / Condos

    Relocating from or to an apartment or condo can require a little more care than moving in or out of a home. With a safety deposit at stake, extra care is needed to ensure your move doesn’t damage walls, doors, or floors. Navigating stairs and narrow hallways can be a headache, too, as you wonder how you got your bed frame into your apartment in the first place. Last of all, you’ll have a strict schedule to adhere to if you want to avoid all hassle with your building management!

    We’re dedicated to helping our clients move without any loss or damage to either their items or their living spaces. That’s why we offer our comprehensive packing services. We respect your items and your money and do what’s necessary to prepare your furniture, kitchen supplies, and other items for a safe move–whether that means boxing, wrapping, or securing items.

    Many apartments and condos lay at the end of a hallway or up a set of stairs. If you’re worried about getting your couch up and down the stairs, we’re ready to help. We’ll move all your bulky, heavy furniture for you, from bed frames to recliners. Moving is a challenge enough; let us do the heavy lifting for you–and then deliver them to your new home.

    Time is of the essence when you’ve told your management company that you intend to leave. We’re dedicated to promptness and punctuality in all steps of the moving process, so we can help you get out of your old unit and into your new one swiftly and avoid any extra fees.

    Internal Movers Service

    Although so many of our services revolve around helping you move from one place to another, we know that life calls for many types of change—and occasionally smaller actions are called for. Sometimes, the move you have planned is just of the furniture inside your living room.

    You could spend all day clearing the shelves of your bookcases, dragging your sofa across the wood floors, lifting the side tables and walking them to their new locations–and end up exhausted, sore, and still needing to tweak and turn your chairs and lamps to fit just right.

    You could, in other words, spend all day on what feels as if it should have been a simple task–and then need a couple of aspirin, an ice pack, and a chiropractic visit to recuperate fully.

    Or you could call in Muscle Men Movers’s expert team of movers and get the job done quickly, effortlessly, and with absolutely no discomfort.

    If you need a hand with rearranging your couches and bookshelves, switching your children’s bedrooms, or any other internal moves, Muscle Men Movers has you covered. No job is too small–so don’t strain your back dragging your love seat or sprain your ankle tripping over the coffee table. We’d be happy to help you move all your items, bulky or small, at a fair price.

    Government Moving

    Muscle Men Movers is a trusted public sector moving company. Because of that, we know all about the needs and wants of government employees when it comes to moving. As with all of our customers, we provide the highest quality of service to our clients who are military members or government agencies and their employees. We know that you serve our communities every day and deserve quality service delivered with professionalism. When you count on us to help out with moving, that’s what we provide. Once you’ve used our services, you’ll find that our commitment to giving back to those who help our community and our country thrive is unmatched.

    What makes Muscle Men Movers stand apart from other providers in our area is our service model–where you can enjoy an easy, stress-free, courteous move with the same level of service a celebrity could expect. Our personalized service capitalizes on open communication to best keep you informed on how your move is progressing and to allow for you to freely contact us with any questions or concerns you may encounter; quality service from our highly-trained and vetted staff (we never use outside contractors); efficient and safe packing to guarantee that items remain undamaged; prompt delivery; and pricing transparency.

    We know government agencies have better things to focus on than moving logistics, so Muscle Men Movers makes efficiency and professionalism paramount. It’s our way of supporting the important work you do for us all.

    Packing and Unpacking

    Let’s say you and your family are truck-driving bodybuilders with no need for any sort of help with the physical task of moving. The hauling is only one part of your move. What about preparing your items for your move? To prevent broken furniture, shattered glass, lost decor, and other woes, you’ll want maximum protection. That quality takes both time and resources—let us provide both. Don’t risk losing your heirloom china, breaking your brand-new dish set, or scratching your dining room table. We meticulously prepare and pack your items, so you can be confident they’ll emerge unscathed from your move. Muscle Men Movers is here for all of your packing necessities. When you choose Muscle Men Movers, you will always work with just one of our professional teams. The team will help keep your move organized and make sure that everyone in the move is on the same page, and with Muscle Men Movers company values and our special customer service training, you will find Muscle Men Movers is highly committed to all of our customers. Muscle Men Movers is the company for all your packing needs, Our highly trained packing experts will keep your precious belongings safe and sound, right where they belong.

    Muscle Men Movers has various supplies that they can use to make sure your belongings are packed tight like they need to be. Stretch wrap, boxes, butcher paper, blankets, Muscle Men Movers has everything you could ever need to ensure their safety on your trip to your new home! We also have carpet shields, railing covers, mattress bags, banisters, hardwood floor runners, and door jambs for all situations.

    At Muscle Men Movers we understand the troubles of moving. We are always ready to tackle new challenges, whether your couch is too big to pickup, to it not fitting in the truck, we will figure it out! Challenges can come in all shapes and sizes. We understand how much it takes to make moving to your new location successful. No matter how unique the challenge is, we have you covered. We can not wait for you to come use our business to make your relocation easy. To get stress free and simple packing services call us at 385-239-9865. Muscle Men Movers can surely give you an estimate of the cost.

    Labor Moves

    Whether you are looking for labor only, or full service movers, we are your best bet! We can supply the truck, or just the muscle. Either way we’ve got you covered. You need someone who cares about your move just as much as you do, and we here at Muscle Men Movers, take our reputation and commitment to excellence very serious. Polite, courteous, prompt, and dependable are only a few of our qualities, our skill just goes without saying.

    LABOR ONLY flat transparent pricing rates.

    Request a quote for our full service moving rates which are extremely affordable depending on truck size, which level you are moving from/to, and how many movers are being requested. We have handled small college dorm moves, to million dollar homes, to commercial moves, where we’ve moved gyms, machine shops, and entire stores. Furniture disassembler / breakdown and assembly with years of experience, w/ literally over 1,000 pieces built, if you need it done right, and quickly, look no further. We have tons of references and countless pictures of various labor moves and office furniture assembly projects we’ve completed over the years. We’ve done single item jobs, as well as entire offices full of cubicles, desks, and furniture.

    Senior Moves & Assisted Living

    Muscle Men Movers respects our elders, we wouldn’t be here without the generations before us; we assist older adults and their families move to or from a home, apartment, and/or assisted living facility. The process of downsizing, moving, and setting up in a new, often smaller, home can be emotional, and also exhausting. Let us do all the heavy lifting, literally, do not stress or touch one item.

    Muscle Men Movers assists clients of any age with moves of any size. Often, people find they need a partner to help them through the process of packing, moving heavy items, and one less thing to worry about for your loved ones. We are here to make your assisted living and senior move go smoothly. Do you or a loved one live near Ogden and you are in need of the best senior assisted living moving services? Whenever you need to relocate, you can trust the experts at Muscle Men Movers. All your possessions are handled by qualified hands, and we always talk to our client to ensure we keep the fragile items protected. We are a locally owned and operated moving company that have served the needs of many citizens of Ogden, Utah.

    Everyone moves from time to time either for holiday purposes or relocating to a new home. Having the best movers to transport your belongings professionally is very important. As a senior citizen in Ogden–Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area, moving can be very difficult as this involves lifting heavy boxes and other objects. However, you don’t have to do this all by yourself.

    We always ensure that our clients fully understand and know what we are doing. All moves are carried out by only certified and licensed moving experts who have many years of experience. We box and tape your assets and carry them safely to any location in Ogden, Utah. With no hidden fees, Muscle Men Movers offer the best services at affordable prices, making it easy for our senior citizens to relocate whenever they want. Knowing that all your items are in good hands is a great way of beginning your relocation processes. There are many reasons why the residents of Ogden have made us their No.1 movers: Muscle Men Movers is Licensed, Insured, and has a tremendous reputation.

    Long Distance

    While we are exceptionally proud of our moving services at the local level, Muscle Men Movers is truly a national and international moving company. Thanks to our dedicated long distance division, we are able to provide the same level of care, service and excellence for long distance moves as we provide to our local Ogden customers.

    Whether you’re moving to another part of Utah, across state lines, or even overseas, we have the resources and manpower to facilitate all the details of your move from beginning to end. Your moving coordinator will advise you on any special details involved in your long distance move, to make sure you’re fully prepared when moving day arrives. We also provide quality packing services, under 24-hour surveillance in case you can’t bring everything with you on your new adventure. And because every one of our moving staff is full-time and highly trained, you can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands from beginning to end.

    Move out of Utah

    Perhaps the greatest advantage of our long distance moving service is that we don’t have to broker your move to an interstate or international affiliate. With Muscle Men Movers, our chain of custody remains intact from your starting point to your end point. This means that the same company you trusted to pack and load your belongings is the same company that delivers them to your new place—namely, us! You’ll even have the same movers on both ends of the move.

    Because your property is going to travel a good distance out of Ogden area within Utah or outside of it, Muscle Men Movers shrink wraps and pads all delicate property such as furniture, to avoid damaging your house when leaving, or your assets. As a fully licensed and ensured moving company, we take every precaution to ensure 100% consistency and safe, effective, timely transport and setup. We even offer packing services if you want to remain hands-off the entire process. Our employees must pass rigorous training in tight-spaces, 2-story moving, and unique situations to assess, test, and develop them into the experts which will arrive at your residence. See why thousands have trusted Muscle Men Movers with their precious cargo.

    Efficient Furniture Delivery and Disassembly, Reassembly
    The size of your door shouldn’t dictate whether or not you take a piece of furniture with you, but if you’re scratching your head wondering how to get it out of your home, it might seem like the item is destined to remain behind. Muscle Men Movers has been helping residents take their prized possessions with them for years, providing disassembly and reassembly services to Ogden and the surrounding areas, so if you’re grappling with how you’re going to get your furniture safely to its new home, give us a call today.

    Prepared for Any Situation
    At Muscle Men Movers, we always make sure to be prepared for any situation. When we arrive on moving day, our team will have all of the necessary equipment to guarantee your furniture will arrive in the same shape it left in. We provide plastic covers for upholstered furniture, and all the proper padding for wood and other unpadded items, eliminating the chance of scratches or tears. We also bring tools to safely transport your furniture. Whether it’s a dolly to make your couch more manageable or straps to secure items for the journey, we’re well-equipped to tackle any disassembly and reassembly work.

    Furniture Movers & Delivery Service

    When hiring house movers in Ogden, Tooele County, Salt Lake County, Davis County, Ogden–Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area, you need to ensure that they can address your demands; have all your furniture picked up moved and delivered intact, on time, and exactly where you want it, and when you want it there. Muscle Men Movers has the proper equipment to move heavy furniture, or even multiple light pieces, along with tools to dissemble and assemble quickly, easily, and safely. We also ensure your goods are safe and secure, free from damage; we are fully licensed, bonded and insured in the state of Utah.

    Muscle Men Movers ensures such proficiency at the highest level for every service they offer. We’re one of the most prominent movers in the area that come well prepared for all kinds of moving. Our team ensures competitive moving with safety and agility that you can rely on based on our reputation. We give our clients the satisfaction of hiring a reliable mover who can lift thousands of pounds of furniture, or smaller household items.

    Piano Moving

    Muscle Men Movers is a national piano moving company specializing in transporting pianos, organs, and other musical instruments

    Piano Moving Ogden

    We offer door to door professional piano moving. Our office staff, movers, and drivers maintain quality and professional customer service. We will take care of your piano move every step of the way. The safe handling and moving of pianos is our business.

    Muscle Men Movers uses the best equipment and safest techniques to make sure your piano is moved with the utmost care. We move pianos throughout Ogden–Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area, all the time. We are fully insured with cargo, liability, and worker’s compensation insurance.

    Muscle Men Movers has the knowledge, professional experience and equipment to safely transport your piano down the street or across Utah

    Piano Moving Facility

    Our movers are specifically trained to pad and stretch wrap all pianos or organs, and they are securely placed on a piano board or 4-wheel moving dolly for transportation. Our movers will remove legs, pedals, music stands, or anything else on the exterior of the piano, and ensure each receive the proper protection as they are loaded onto our trucks.

    Best Piano Company Ogden Utah

    Muscle Men Movers provides a variety of services anywhere in Utah! Some of our services include but are not limited to:

    • One location to another – pick up or delivery of pianos/organs.
    • Moving pianos/organs from one room to another due to carpet or floors being replaced or refinished.
    • Load or unloading pianos/organs onto a van, truck, etc. allowing customers to transport their piano themselves.
    • Assembly and uncrating of pianos/organs.
    • Moving pianos/organs up and down steps from one floor to another.
    • Moving pianos/organs across grass and/or up and down hills.

    Muscle Men Movers Reviews

    I hired Muscle Men Movers to do an in-valley move of a dining room set with a glass table. These guys are real professionals. They took great care to make certain that everything was well padded and secured to the side of the truck. They were very careful with each piece. Thanks so much Muscle Men Movers!

    Laurel A.

    I called these guys after calling around to have my 2 bedroom home moved and they were the cheapest and could do it right away. I was very impressed with the way they handled my belongings, thanks so much. If I moved again I hope I can contact you guys.

    Maryann J.

    Wow! These guys are awesome. Great prices. In addition they did an incredible job. We also had them move our pool table which they have special training. They took the pool table apart including the felt and then put it back together at our new place. I think our pool table is better than even before. These guys are rock stars. Fast! Honest! And priced fair!

    Steve R.

    I needed help moving last minute to beat the bad weather coming in and called muscle men movers for help. They were extremely helpful, friendly, and efficient. When all was said and done, I felt like I got more than my money’s worth by using them. They were very careful and everything arrived at my new home in the same condition they picked it up in. If I ever move again, they will be the first company I call.

    Paul B.

    Their guys are amazing! They get the job done, On-time and Very professional. Definitely will use in future and recommend to family and friends

    Tori Brignone

    Well I was in desperate need of getting my car fixed due to the fact vets the dealership at another place went to charge me $1,200 to replace and fix the wheel hub bearing assembly and I went to see this play Sam I Am the owner referred by his friend and you take the job on with no problem I missed three to four appointments and he was patient with me and and just left me messages to let me know to bring the car when I was ready to very nice guy very honest charge me more than half the price I was quoted prior so far it’s a very great place I would recommend him to anybody who is looking to get their car repair repaired with honesty and patience and kindness and good relationship business relationship

    Julie Tapia

    We hired Muscle Men Movers to finish a job another moving company couldn’t do
    The 3 men that came to move our Hot Tub were very knowledgeable and took very good care of our Hot Tub and Covana Cover.
    Wish I would of found these guys sooner. I think our move to our new house would of been more successful and we probably would have all our furniture items still intact and not missing.

    Thank you Muscle Men Movers for doing a job that our original movers couldn’t accomplish

    Holly Nielson

    I am impressed with this company. They answered the phone every time I called. They had open communication with me throughout the process. They completed the job (almost) as promised, despite an unfortunate mistake.

    By the time I called Muscle Men, I had tried two other safe movers, but they didn’t even bother calling me back, or answer the phone during business hours. That these guys were so good at communicating is to their credit. I called them to move a large gun safe for me. We agreed on a day and price. When they took the safe out of the home, it unfortunately took a tumble on concrete, causing some cosmetic damage. They called me when it happened, and apologized, and offered to complete the move at no cost, and to reimburse me for damages. I accepted the offer, but because the safe still functions perfectly, I have no damages I need reimbursed. I didn’t buy the safe for its appearance, I bought it to keep valuables safe. When they delivered the safe, they only put it in my garage. They said that I needed to make an appointment to move it to its intended destination within the house. This is where they lost a star on the rating. I made an appointment with them more than a day in advance, but for some reason, they did not complete the move that day. At that point, I expected to never hear from them again because there was no money to be made from completing the move. To my surprise, they came through on a later date, moving the safe to its destination without damaging anything else.

    I believe that this company values honesty and making things right, which are the most important values to me. Because of that, I feel like I can trust them. With a little better planning and execution, I see them becoming the local leaders in their sector.

    Charles W

    Awesome job they moved a grandfather clock great job !!!

    dan berlin

    I scheduled a move for a Monday morning however we got the keys for our new house earlier, I called that night to see if I could have them come sooner and they were able to be there the next morning!! The 3 movers that came showed up on time, were in and out so fast while taking very good care of my things and making sure everything was wrapped and protected. If I ever have to move again I will never consider using any other service!! Thank you so much for making this move painless!!

    Shawnee Billings

    Today Muscle Men Movers moved a baby grand upright piano for me and did an amazing job. Of course I was nervous that it not be damaged and they were so professional, cautious, friendly, efficient and fair priced. I would hire them again and highly recommend them! Great job guys!

    DeeAnn Talley

    Because they worked us in…same day!!

    LeAnne Tidwell-Schlegel

    We needed a hot tub moved from its curbside delivery to our backyard, which involved navigating around some tight spaces. Muscle Men Movers provided a competitive quote and was way more responsive over email than most contract/helper companies, which I appreciate. We were able to schedule help on the same day and they arrived fairly close to their ETA, less than two hours after the delivery. They were friendly and fast and did an excellent job. They’ll be our go-to company in the future if we need more moving services. Thanks again!

    Matt Miller

    Very friendly … moved a full size grand piano for us and they were very patient and thorough in making sure it was well protected before starting process to lift it out the door and then up onto the moving truck… when they needed to, they stopped to readjust their hold and communicate with partners regarding any obstacles that might cause problem. Well done.

    Anne Anderson

    Parker and Johnny with Muscle Men Movers we very professional and worked quickly. They had me moved without any issue. They were both very professional. Thank you so much!!

    Roger Paulman

    On time and friendly. Great price and they’re local which I love supporting.

    lori snyder

    Muscle Men Movers saved the day for my family. We had a old/antique piano we needed to be moved from our up stairs to our basement. At first it appeared as if it was not possible when they came to our house. Did not look like it would make the corner into the basement. They found a away. They came back with a 3rd guy and made it happen. They put their muscle to the test and risked getting smashed by a 800lb upright piano. Thank you Muscle Men Movers! We recommend these guys. Easy to work with! Friendly, punctual, and got it done!

    Brodie Peterson

    Fast paced, professional, made sure everything arrived in one piece! Highly recommended

    Jamie Sharp

    The best moving experience we’ve ever had. These guys were always professional, courteous and moved quickly. The three had such a great attitude about everything and took great great care of all my stuff. I couldn’t recommend them more.

    Arthur Neri

    They did a great job. Fast and efficient. I was told three people would come but only two showed up Mika and Dillon. They loaded our house (3 bedroom home) took it to a storage unit and unloaded it in 3.5 hours total time to do it all including the travel time and we were their third move of the day. When we move again will hire them to do it.

    Thomas Smith

    The three movers we had were friendly, efficient with their time and very careful with our things. They were very reasonably priced and worth every penny. We are moving in two phases and will be using them again in a few weeks.

    Gina Pinckney

    They were great. Showed up on time. Moved quickly and efficiently. Would definitely use them again.

    Sasha Murphy

    Jesse, Loren and Kelly did a exception job of moving to my new home. They were professional, and completed the job quickly. Nothing was damaged. I appreciated dealing with friendly, fast movers. Thanks guys.

    David Newman

    These guys are Awesome. Very professional Jesse, and Brandon are amazing guy’s. They were very knowledgeable. Most respectful movers I have ever used. What a blessing my experience was with this moving company and there movers are Excellent. I will be using this company in the future and making sure to spread the word. Godspeed….

    Jason Freeman

    We had Kelly, Jason, and Dillon come pack up our truck and move some other furniture yesterday. They were awesome. They were on time, were quick, and were careful. They worked really hard and did a great job. I would recommend these three to anyone!

    Niklaus Spendlove

    Because I know the owner he really takes pride in the work they do .These guys will take great care of you and make a stressful situation happiness!!!!


    Cared about our stuff like it really was their own stuff. We were there second job of the day and they were just as friendly, enthused, and helpful as if it was the first move of the day. They didn’t rush, but still got things done efficiently, and quickly. Will definitely use them again, and, would recommend them to everyone I know!

    Vincent Johnston

    I had a 600lb safe in my garage that I needed moved into my basement. I called on a Monday and by Tuesday afternoon, the safe was in the basement and without issue. They also were the most reasonable quote! Thanks a bunch!

    Paul H.

    Muscle Man Movers are amazing! They were on time and very good with my bigger items. I was concerned for the move of my piano. But I didn’t have a reason to worry. They did a fabulous job. I will use them again.

    Charity Christensen

    The guys were awesome– on time, careful, communicative, hard-working (they worked straight through until the job was done without taking a lunch break, and no slacking), careful, and they were even nice to random old ladies in my mom’s apartment complex (helping to shovel icy snow away from a car). I would highly recommend then, and when we have to move more of my mom’s stuff, they are who I will call!

    Chris Cline

    These guys are fantastic, professional, and worked their butts off. They arrived 30 minutes earlier than scheduled, after having a confirmation call a couple days prior to the move. Their rates were super reasonable and we would absolutely recommend them to anyone. Overall, fantastic experience. They put together the beds, remove the doors, replaced doors, connected the washer, I missed many other things. Anything we asked them to do they were very polite and cordial and more than happy to accommodate.

    Brian Hicks

    They did a great job moving our piano, were very friendly, and gave us a great price. They were on time and fast. Thank you.

    Nicole Smith

    They were the only company to provide an instant all-inclusive quote, some I waited over a week for! They arrived promptly, were courteous and efficient.

    Michelle McKee

    Muscle Men Movers showed up early. They moved all my belongings with care. The three fellows were friendly without being overly chatty. They asked about items when necessary and didn’t mind taking directions. Great service.

    Jesse Sirivanchai

    I am very pleased with Muscle Man Movers. They moved my two bedroom home and not a thing was broken or scratched. They took great care of my items and made sure to pack the truck accordingly. I am grateful to have found quality movers and at such a reasonable price.

    Nichole Jensen

    I was moving out of state and my other moving company cancelled last minute. My mom flew in to help with the move and on the way to the house, she saw the Muscle Men Movers sign. So, I called and I’m so glad we did.

    They got us fit in right away, the crew of 3 showed up promptly on time and they couldn’t have been more professional and efficient. I highly recommend these guys!

    Katy Beerman

    Quite satisfied. First time using movers. Fair price because they only charged me while they were moving my stuff. Not like the other places.

    Beka Shields

    We just used Muscle Men Movers a few days ago to move a grand piano during re-carpeting in our home. Great crew. They were very careful in taking portions of the piano apart before moving. The crew came back the next day to assemble and move the piano back into the room that was re-carpeted. Very professional crew and easy to set up appointments. They did a great job! George (Mountain Green, Utah)

    George Foss

    Seriously the best movers in town. You just can’t get the kind of people that really pay attention to your items when moving. They really go the extra mile to ensure nothing gets damaged during a move. They make the process extremely easy and stress free because lets face it. Moving is extremely stressful. Definitely get the best bang for your buck. I highly recommend these guys!

    Steven Phan

    Hard workers And I loved that I was only charged for the time they were working and not driving to my Place and back to their place and no additional charges like gas and breaks. It was simple, they showed up and the time started they finished and the time stopped and they worked really really hard!

    Adam Brandley

    As a business owner I needed someone fast, reliable, and affordable you help me move a large piece of kitchen equipment. I contacted Muscle Men Movers and they immediately dispatch somebody out to my house. Their pricing fell right into my budget. Thank you for your help guys I would definitely recommend you.

    Livingthedream 801

    Muscle Men Movers did a great job moving our belongings from our house to a condo. They work quickly and literally ran up and down stairs to get everything loaded in their truck. The men were friendly and professional. We’d definitely use them again!

    Cindy Poll

    These guys were great! I needed a 300 pound large cabinet moved quickly. They were able to come the next day. They even got done early on a job and called ahead of time to see if they could come early, which was fine by me. They showed up, quickly loaded the cabinet, delivered it without any incident at all. They were pleasant to talk to and I will go back again when I need something else moved. Their prices were a little lower than the competitors and they did not start charging until they showed up at my house. I also recommend them to anyone needing stuff moved.

    Craig Long

    With my current lifestyle I have to move a lot. Lifting heavy things and breaking expensive valuables… Muscle Men Movers were easy to work with and really made me feel taken care of.

    Lizzy R.

    Hired them to move a large gun safe. They were timely and great at what they do. I would highly recommend this company and will probably use them again!

    Julie Ikeda

    Great experience. Professional workers that were able to unload a full 26 ft moving truck AND place everything in the right place in the house in under 2 hours. I would definitely recommend them for any move. They were careful and efficient. I’ll be using them again.

    Chance Byars

    Best moving company I’ve ever used. Called the same day not thinking they could help. The 3 most amazing movers showed up in an hour.

    Not only did they do an amazing job moving, they packed and protected our valuables and finished the job much faster than anticipated.

    I WILL ONLY USE THIS COMPANY MOVING FORWARD! Well done and thank you to the three amazing movers who got us into our new home during a snow storm.

    Christopher Tyler

    A+ and Quality movers, good attitude and consistent steady work pace. I have used them 4 X and loved every crew I had. I will be using them again. Thanks guys!

    Warren Phillips

    Contacted these guys to move a pool table on short notice. They were professional, polite, worked hard and safely moved and installed my pool table. Paid close attention to detail, never once was I worried that my expensive piece of furniture would be damaged. Rates were reasonable. An absolute pleasure to deal with. I will recommend them to everyone I know!

    steven ward

    Wrap your stuff well. But they are fast and friendly. I’ll use them again

    brian jones

    They moved a safe out of a basement for my grandfather and made it look easy. Very professional and I would recommend to anyone that is in need of a moving company!

    Travis Hill

    Muscle Men Movers had two trucks break down the night before our scheduled move, but they promptly called to reschedule us. They were flexible with our timeframe, and were polite and personable. They were careful with our piano and got it moved with no damage. We would definitely use them to help us move again.

    Madison Neuner

    I would have rated them 5 stars, however a scheduling miscommunication ultimately cost me some extra money for inconveniencing the seller of my piano, who had lessons she was supposed to give and get paid for. But, they were very fast, efficient, and took great care.

    Jason Burt

    They were prompt and helpful. Both men were courteous and patient given how horribly the condition in which my truck arrived. It would have been better to have the 3 helpers I had been quoted, but we made it work. I would recommend them to anyone for sure

    Rebecka Brasso

    Their pricing was great. Very easy to deal with and made what I needed moved easier. Very friendly and easy going service. We would use them again.

    Ryan Hurd

    These guys were very professional they came in and moved my pool table and ran into an issue that they’ve never move my style of pool table before they took time to learn about it they were well over there 4 our minimum and didn’t charge me because of the learning curve, all in all very very awesome

    Rhett Z

    I sell real estate and I needed a bunch of stuff moved out of a basement quick! They came in no time and took care of it fast! Great service

    Jessica Himle

    These guys did a great job picking up and installing a big heavy hot tub! Thanks again!

    Matt Barker

    Absolutely amazing! Three guys, with care for all our stuff, and excellent PR. Professional, efficiant, and helpful. Would gladly recommend for moving services of any kind. Tip them when they’re done, they deserve it.

    Jens Anderson

    I used these guys to move my parents. The movers were very respectful and patient with them. My mom cannt hear and my father forgets what is going on. The movers were very understanding and did great. Thank you for the good job.

    Alex Johnson

    Guys arrived on-time, were easy to work with, they were very kind and accomodating, worked hard and quickly! Would use them again. Thanks MMM!

    Mandy Thompson

    Fast,great personalities and extremely professional. Their rates can’t be beat so tip these guys well. I had a ton of heavy items and they handled it like bulls! Even took a second to pet the horses. Took a personal interest in our life and congratulated us on our new home.

    Tessie Miya

    Quick. Effective. Guys were cool. I had them move some stuff around the house. I expect to use them again when I actually move.

    The Danisaur

    Showed up on time ready to go. Worked hard and quick. Great value.

    Jeffrey Hansen

    Did a great job!! Very professional! Very conscience of my time. Extremely careful with my belongings. Would recommended them to anyone.

    Destiny Bardsley

    Great company and excellent service. Took care of moving my son with a two stop trip.

    Noah Rosales

    A team of 2 showed up and did a great job unloading the truck. They were courteous, hard working, and worked at a good pace. One noticed some old unfinished furniture and asked me about it. I told him that I had been trying to find a furniture finisher who would return my calls or my emails to give me a quote, and I had been unsuccessful. He recommended someone to me right away (without being pushy) who could help me finish my project. Overall good experience.

    J Aaron

    Would totally recommend these guys, very good and very quick. Had quite a bit of wooden furniture and they handled with care up 3 flights of stairs. The price was right as well, I know there is a minimum of 2 hours, but these guys did not mess around. Thanks again gentlemen

    Shawn Cole

    Thank you to muscle men movers! Three professionals and expedited service. Was completely satisfied with their hard work, attention to detail, and motivation. Would highly recommend to any of my friends and family!

    Shannon Coady

    The movers had great work ethic and tried hard

    Nique Frasier

    These guys are awesome!!!! Very friendly did a great job moving our hot tub 😁😁😁

    Rob Tracy

    These guys are wonderful. I’ve had to move 3 times this year and e used them every time. We hope this is our final move but we use them again anytime. They deserve 6 stars!!!

    Paulene Mosserson

    Short distance move on Saturday 04/14/18.
    4 nice guys , highly recommended . Very polite extra careful with everything .Very honest , nothing hidden . I am already referring them to friends and families .

    Fast Stop

    Wow these guys are awesome!!! They saved my back – so i can do other things. These guys were on-time, fast, very professional . .expert movers. My pool table table- they took extra time to take it apart including taking the felt off. They put it back together better than it was before – including putting the felt on etc. I really like these guys and would recommend them to everyone!

    Steve Reich

    Muscle Men Movers was prompt in responding to my call and showed up in a timely manner. They were professional and very careful of walls, door openings and ceilings. I thought the pricing was fair too.

    Sonja B

    Job well done! They worked their butts off. They did two trips and the only break they took was In the truck between houses.

    Jannet Frisbie

    Very friendly and polite. They are organized and everything was moved quickly. I had some things in the storage closet that I had planned to pack afterwards and they simply took the initiative to pack it up. I thought this was wondeful; it created one less trip for me.

    Keyara Lyn

    Very pleased with our moving experience. Guys were good to work with made light of a bad situation and put my items in each room I needed.

    Jeff Beck

    The three guys I got to move me were the most awesome guys I ever met. They were very careful with my stuff, they were very attentive to my needs, and they always granted me the choice to change their decisions based on my needs which I found to be impressive Customer Service. All three guys were funny, professional, kind hearted, and very attentive to my needs. One particular guy is an amazing Tetris guy, he must’ve played a lot as a kid, LOL 😂 If you are in need of a move, I highly recommend muscle men movers. I work for the Department of Defense and I will recommend them to all that I work with. I appreciate your service during my move.

    charlie walthall

    Great service reasonably priced. Fast and very careful

    David Danens

    I had the most wonderful experience with this company, I called the day I needed to move because the other company stood me up I was in tears they had someone out to my house at 5:30 that afternoon the 3 young men were so incredibly nice and professional I had my sons pot luck for football and they kept working by the time the potluck was done they were to!! Plus they are completely affordable. Just such an amazing bunch of guys I will forever be greatful!!!!!

    nectara moldoveanu

    I use this company whenever my clients ask. As a realtor they have provided a solution to the anxiety in moving. They have gone the extra mile to make sure everything is done right and to customer satisfaction. This is a GREAT Company. I have never ever gotten bad feedback on the them. Other realtors I refer this company to come back with glowing results every time.

    kenny conners

    The three men were very professional and externally carful to not damage any of my furniture. They drove from Ogden in a major snow storm. They came back at 7:45 in the evening to move the furniture back. This was on a Friday night! If I need to have furniture moved again, I would want the same three men.

    gary peterson

    I just want to thank the three young men that came and moved us. The first company we hired called and said they couldn’t get to us. Muscle Men Movers answered on a Sunday and said they could have some movers to us in probably 3 hours. An hour and a half later they were knocking on our door and saved our weekend.

    Liz Martinez

    This strong men are amazing. After searching and comparing many local moving companies I found most of them were not willing to move my newly purchased table up a large flight of stairs. due to the fact that it weighs over 430 pounds. I found pricing varying up from $240 per hour, PLUS an extra $10 charge for each step on my staircase.

    The Muscle Mover crew picked up my table on time and sent me text updates at each milestone along the way. When the crew arrived at my house for delivery I found each of the (4) STRONG men were very polite, well groomed, and professional. They took great care of my flooring and equipment. I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience.

    I’ll be calling again for my next move.

    Tyler Swinyard

    They were great. Helped us assemble things as well. Highly recommend!

    Calee Reed

    Cost Effective, Great Service and Friendly!

    Shawnee Cooper

    These guys were amazing. Jr and tenaris so respectful and friendly to my family and were extremely careful with everything. They were also great at making the most of the truck space, I really didn’t think we could do it in one load but they made it happen. I would gladly hire them again.

    mike risher

    These guys were fast, careful and polite. Their price is very affordable so make sure you tip well.

    adam shoemaker

    Great service. Hard workers. They did a great job!

    Leanne Spencer

    Very punctual, fast, and friendly. I would recommend.

    Vicki Lamitola

    They showed up on time and moved our huge 500 pound safe. Did a great job! Zero complaints.

    Jen Chapple

    Showed up on time and busted out the job. Very friendly and hard working. Would hire them again.

    Josh Nichols

    These guys were curtious, respectful, hard working.

    Linda Horvath

    These guys are just awesome. They made multiple stops and didn’t complain.

    Brenda Peterson

    We called for a last minute piano move and they fit us in. Very professional. Would highly recommend their services.

    Christina Broad

    Amazing company

    Lucky J

    Guys were great listened to my opinions and got it where it needed to be safely.

    Sam Price

    Sweet bunch of guys😊 they were very nice and polite.

    Sammy Hill

    Way awesome

    Connie Ritter

    We bought a pool table that needed to be moved from Tooele to Ogden. They were great to work with and were able to do the move in a timely manner.

    Ty Harper

    Brandon and his crew were awesome! They had a bit of truck trouble but scrambled and quickly located a substitute. It wasn’t a big deal because they kept us informed the whole time.

    All three were polite and careful with our possessions. This was a full day of moving since our stuff was scattered across 3 locations but never once did they complain. 5 sweaty hours later I could tell they were tired, but they were still cheerful and polite.

    I can’t recommend Muscle Men Movers enough. Hopefully we aren’t moving again anytime soon but if we do we will call them again.

    Casey Roberts

    Very fast and thorough very happy

    megan johnson

    These guys are great, very thoughtful of my stuff and got the job done in good time. I would highly recommend them

    jason fuhriman

    Great job, and prompt service. Willing to accommodate home owners throughts.

    Matthew Carver

    These guys showed up when they told me they would and they were fairest price. I’ll use them in the future.


    On time, efficient, friendly. Would use them again.

    Ee Tout

    Good guys. Fast. It was crappy weather today and they worked right through it.

    Joseph Lambert

    Great guys. They get straight to work and go the extra mile to help.

    Felipe Corrado

    I recently moved a couple weeks ago and used these guys.. They did a great job and Iwill hire them again next time I move… but hopefully that won’t be for awhile, haha! Thanks guys!!!

    Homes by Shaunna Shurtliff

    they moved a safe up 14 stairs and did it quick and were awesome to deal with would recommend them to anyone

    justin broadhead

    On time and fast

    Sally Hamburger

    Great guys!

    Geena Peek

    (Translated by Google) Rock Starz


    Justin Love
    Braiden Reich
    David Benjamin Davis
    Joseph Johnson
    Frank Hughes
    Jermey Allen
    Diane Richardson
    Tanya Shultz
    Jason Wolfe
    Jeff Brooks
    Maryann Jones
    Glenn Meakin
    Rocky Rich
    Steven Phan
    Daniel Simons
    Karin Stevens

    Needed a hot tub moved, they did it in a timely fashion and did great. No complaints here

    Ryan Whittaker

    Amazing service and amazing people! Took care of my moving needs quickly and efficiently. Would recommend to anyone!!! Great company!!

    Travis Hill

    I had two pianos that needed to be moved. The muscle men movers handled them with care and I was happy with their service. They worked strong and fast. The price was reasonable. Thanks fellas.

    Dan Quintana

    We recently hired Muscle Men Movers to unload our moving truck. They were on-time, courteous, professional, hard-working, insured, and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend them!

    Anna Olsen Richardson

    AWESOME!!! They moved a gun safe we’ve had in storage since our move in 2014 Hello it’s late 2017, they were fast, on time (actually early) very professional, the safe is now moved oh happy day!!! Thanks Guys

    Lori Bryson

    They have been fantastic to work with on several jobs!

    Jamie White

    Holy Smokes. These guys Rock! Not only did I save my back but they get your stuff moved in a safe but quick manner. They have great equipment for moving Big safes and they are experts in moving pool tables etc. their price is more than competitive

    Steve Reich

    Overall a good experience but like several other reviewers, the price quoted was not the price charged. The guys that showed up were great and really worked hard, I just wish I’d asked for a written quote before anything was started. Would be a 5 star if not for that.

    Tanner Nordstrom

    They were very professional, kind, and very flexible which most company’s will only move what they pack. I now refer them to my real estate clients when their moving in state or have something heavy moved. The owner has also donated to our Veteran charity Sounds of Freedom Festival/car show 2018.

    Keith Pluta

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